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Partner Information
1 NTUA (LFCT), National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering, Division of Process and Product Development, Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Technology

5 Iroon Polytechniou, 15780, Athens, Greece
Tel. +30 210 7723171
Fax. +30 210 7723163
WebSite :

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Role of Subcontractor

Research Personnel

  • Dr. Petros. S. Taoukis
    Asst. Professor, is the coordinator of the project and responsible scientist of the NTUA team. He has worked and published in the areas of kinetic modelling of food deterioration during and post processing, quality and shelf life predictive modelling, predictive microbiology, enzyme technology and development and application of Time Temperature Integrator systems as quality monitors of food products. (University of Minnesota, USA ,(1982-1990), Research and Development Manager of KnorrBestfoods Greece, of Bestfoods Europe (1992-1995) Faculty member of Chemical Engineering Department of NTUA, at the Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Technology (1995-today)). His extensive work in the area of TTI is considered the scientific state of the art, aiming to develop and apply optimal systems of food quality monitoring.
    Dr. Taoukis actively participates in European research and training projects and concerted actions such as FAIR-CT95- 1090: Development, modelling and application of TTI systems to monitor chilled fish quality (coordinator) (1996-2000), FAIR-CT96- 1175: Combined high pressure thermal treatment of foods-a kinetic approach (partner)(1996-1999), CIPA-CT94-0120 (Shelf life prediction of foods)(1995-1998), CIPA-CT94-0195 (Process optimisation and minimal processing of foods)(1995-1998), QLK1-2000-0164 (Traceability of Fish Products)(2000-2003).
    He also manages a number of National/EU supported multipartner projects. He managed EPETII-DITRO8 (Application of High Pressure Technology in the production of Greek Products of high quality and nutritional value)(1999-2001) and currently PABET2000-400 (Production of meat products of high quality and long shelf life with High Pressure Processing)(2001-2003).

  • Dr. Maria Giannakourou
    30 mm-Post doctoral Research Associate

  • Dr. Serafim Bakalis
    Research scientist

  • to be named
    Postgraduate Research scientist

  • John Tzigounakis
    Chemical Engineer/Computer specialist

  • to be named
    Postgraduate Research scientist


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